Nadejda Ivanova

Sales Director San Vito Drinks

Nadejda Ivanova is a distinguished leader in the Uzbek wine industry, known for her strategic expertise in consulting and distribution. She founded "Wine Time Family," a company committed to promoting and celebrating Uzbek wine through various engaging activities such as tastings, master classes, and wine tours. Previously, Nadejda significantly impacted the wine industry during her tenure at "Tomiris Company," where she oversaw Uzbek wines' wholesale distribution. Between December 2019 and January 2021, she served as an advisor to the minister of the Agency for the Development of Viticulture and Winemaking of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzvinprom), specializing in export strategies to enhance the presence of Uzbek winery products in the world. Notably, Nadejda spent over five years at AST—International Environment, one of the top five alcohol distribution companies in Russia. Here, she led the "Wines of Uzbekistan" project, where her efforts significantly boosted the brand's presence and annual sales in the Russian market.

Nadejda joined San Vito Drinks in 2024 and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in the wine industry, particularly in sales and strategic distribution.